Who is Gabriel Plotkin?

11 Fast Facts About the Founder of Melvin Capital...


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1. Plotkin graduated from Northwestern University with an Economics degree in 2001.

2. After graduating from Northwestern, Plotkin joined Citadel LLC, billionaire Ken Griffin’s hedge fund.

3. In 2006, Plotkin became a trader at SAC Capital, a group of hedge funds founded by billionaire Steven A. Cohen (below). Plotkin quickly became one of the most prominent traders at the fund.

stephen a cohen gabriel plotkin

4. In 2015, Plotkin set out on his own and founded Melvin Capital with $1 billion under management.

5. Plotkin named Melvin Capital after his late grandfather who was a small-business owner.

6. In its first year, the fund had returns of 47%, ranking it 2nd in Bloomberg's 2015 list of top-performing funds with over $1 billion under management.


7. Per Forbes, Plotkin was the 20th highest-earning hedge fund manager in 2017, earning $ 300 million.

8. He used his earnings to buy $44 million worth of waterfront property in Miami Beach.

9. Plotkin also purchased a stake in the Charlotte Hornets, an NBA team. The team is co-owned by basketball legend, Michael Jordan.

charlotte hornets gabriel plotkin co owner

10. Plotkin is a diehard Patriots fan, and his favorite athlete is Tom Brady.

tom brady gabriel plotkin

11. As of January 2021, Melvin Capital had $12.5 billion under management. The funds were invested primarily in tech and consumer stocks.

Understand the World in 4-Minute Bites

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